Parents are often our first playmates. From taking us to the park and playing hide and go seek, to finger painting and playing dress-up, mom and dad made sure we knew we were loved and cared for every single day.

They showed us how much they loved us in a variety of ways. Whether it was a special dinner out at our favorite restaurant or baking cookies together, memories of quality time spent with our parents will forever stay in our hearts.

When you see this gallery of divine dads spending quality moments with their little ones, it will give you all the feels and a giggle, too! And it will probably make you want to call dear old dad and tell him how much you love him and appreciated all the times you put makeup on him and had tea parties.


Picnic Time With Papa Is What Life’s All About

Everything here is picture perfect except…pinkies out, please!

Dad Is The Strongest Man We Know

You have to be pumped up to be a Papa these days.

This Pretty In Pink Papa Is Our Hero!

We hear the food at this particular hot spot is “cereal-lously” delicious.

Dad Knows All About Priorities

It’s not a question of finding time, but making it.

Role Model Of The Century Right Here!

Passing down some good habits to the future generation.

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