Jack Viglianco has become a hero. How did a 15-year-old earn this status? Well, Jack had just gotten a job as a lifeguard in Lakewood, Ohio. The pool that he was watching was being used by a summer camp. Suddenly, Jack heard a voice yelling for help, and he noticed a small 4-year-old boy that was bobbing up and down and gasping for air.

This occurred just 20 minutes into Jack’s first shift. Still, the young man knew exactly what to do. He leapt off his chair and jumped into the water. A few moments later, Jack had brought the young child to safety.

Fortunately, Jack had just gone through orientation the day before, so he recognized the signs immediately. He told the press afterward that active drowners can still breathe, but they are still in the process of drowning.

Everything turned out well, and the young child survived the trauma with no injuries. Jack’s quick thinking really saved the day!

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