When 19-year-old Baylee Woodward got a job on a yacht, she was set to be a world class traveler. The thing is that her boyfriend worked on the same yacht and they got to travel the world together. What could be more perfect than that?

Well, things didn’t quite work out for the couple. Baylee says that one day he simply broke up with her and she lost her job. That’s because her boyfriend was also her boss. “The breakup was rough because he was my travel partner for a year, we were together literally 24/7, and then he just fired me out of nowhere.”

What in the world that was about, Baylee isn’t telling. She seems like she doesn’t even know herself. But like she said, they had done a lot of traveling together. That means she had an Instagram full of photos from her travels. But the one thing that needed changed were the photos with her ex in them.

Not All Her Photos Were With Her Ex


He must be taking this one. She’s looking great looking out over the water. It really makes you wonder what was going on in his head.

Being A Traveler Is A Great Opportunity


Who else gets to play with a monkey in the jungle? That’s an awesome experience. Her ex must be taking this one too.

Out On The Tranquil Lake

on the lake

Seriously though, he’s looking at that view and suddenly breaks up with her one day? There is seriously something wrong with him. But that’s none of our business.

Anyway, she did have some awesome photos without him in them. But there were quite a few that did. Everyone knows that’s hard to take when you look back on good times you’ve had and you get reminded of the person you had them with. So, what do you do? Baylee has the awesome answer and it doesn’t involve cutting him out of them or making him blurry. She did it a totally different way.

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