A mother and her daughter were walking down the street on a wet Seattle day when the 2-year-old thought she met a princess. Not just a princess either, but the one on the cover of her favorite book. That made the day for not only the little girl, but also for the person she thought was a princess.

Shandace Robertson was getting married that day to her fiancé Scott. It was actually after the wedding when Shandace and the photographer were outside taking photos. It’s easy to see why a 2-year-old would mistake her for a princess.

The mother wanted her name and her 2-year-old’s name to remain anonymous. But Shandace got to know the two of them. The little girl and Shandace locked eyes and that’s when Shandace walked over to her.

She Thought She Saw Her Princess


The little girl’s favorite book is The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. But the woman on the cover is not a princess. That’s just what the little 2-year-old thinks. Now, she thinks she met her.

The Cover Of The Book


The mother said, “I like old dead British writers, so I have a lot of them, and she just loves the cover. So naturally, we carried it around with us for a week on end. It was her princess book, and she would sit and pretend to read it.”

The Princess And The Child

Now, how cute is that? A little girl imagining to read. The funny thing is that the book is a mystery and a bit above her reading level. There are no princesses in the book at all. But that doesn’t stop the wild imagination of a 2-year-old from running.

The Bride Wanted Pictures With The Girl

That experience really did change a gray, damp day into a much better one. Shandace was already having a great day. But it lifted her spirits even higher and it certainly made the day for a little girl who thinks she met a princess.

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