From birthing day to graduation day, parenting is no easy job. Parenthood is full of unimaginable sacrifices, trunkloads of responsibilities, and a missing badge of honor. Monitoring the well-being of another person is both satisfying and exhausting. Often times self-care falls to the wayside. This self-neglect can often compromise the ability to parent at the highest personal quality.

In addition to the evident health benefits, exercise can be a psychological boost. What parent couldn’t use that? Especially if a cranky small someone didn’t get their midday nap in. There’s no need to jeopardize quality “mommy and me” time to hit the gym. Rather than scouring Google for a fitness regimen, find what fits you best. Whether it’s taking a brisk stroller walk or even running around with your little one at the playground, anything helps as long as you stick to it. The benefits are endless.

Increase Self-Love
The best thing any parent can do is love his or herself beyond vanity, and regular exercising helps practice mindfulness. A healthy mind leads to healthy relationships. Imagine how much more difficult parenting would be if someone were constantly living in self-criticism. Children desire cheerful parents and, moreover, children often adopt their habits and personality traits from the home. Help your child learn to love herself by example.

Decrease Frustration
There is no trophy for every time a mom doesn’t lose her temper, but there is more than enough guilt to drown her twice when she finally releases the day’s stress on tiny ears. Exercising redirects the emotional buildup caused by chaos. If you’re up for the challenge, kickboxing is a great way to get it all out. If you’re itching for kudos, sticking to exercise is going to be your daily reminder that you are killing it. You’ll be fueling your own sense of accomplishment.

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