Falling in love is one of the greatest experiences in a person’s life. It’s also one of the most painful.

Whether you fell in love the minute you saw each other across a crowded room or you gradually fell in love over time, the start of a relationship is always exciting.

In the beginning, you will feel butterflies in your belly, goosebumps when they touch you, elated when you see they are calling you.

You want to savor every moment, hoping they last for a lifetime.

And sometimes, they do.

Love Will Sweep You Off Your Feet


For others, it’s a completely different ending to the story. And quite honestly, it has likely happened to everyone at some point in their life: the little girl on the playground who wouldn’t accept you as her Valentine, the boy in high school who you thought you would spend forever with – only to find out “forever” meant three months, your college sweetheart who you proposed to, only to have the engagement end months before you said, “I do.”

Love Also Hurts


So, how did you eventually pick up the pieces and move on? Did you cry endless tears? Did you take a trip with your girlfriends? Did you try online dating? Blind dates?

Maybe you kept to yourself, reflecting on what went wrong and what to avoid the next time you get in a relationship.

There Are Many Stages Of A Break-Up


It turns out, scientists may have figured out the key to a break-up.

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