This Chinese airline doesn’t exactly do things by the book. They spiced up their work-week wardrobe for a high fashion look, and everyone is taking notice. Hainan Airlines first showed their new uniforms to the world at Paris Couture Week earlier this month.

Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress that women wear for formal events and occasions, and the uniforms were inspired by that style. Designer Laurence Xu incorporated a Western-style draping to keep the look chic and modern. It definitely fits the bill for international travel. The dresses are filled with Chinese imagery, like waves, birds, and clouds. Female employees also wear a coat over the dress, if they wish, which has clean tailoring and a structured mandarin collar. Xu was born in China, and he regularly shows off his work at Haute Couture week in Paris. He had met with the airline representatives many times, and together they looked at over 1,000 dress design blueprints and tried out more than 100 samples of accessories and garments. This whole process took a whopping two years.

The color palette of the airline is a signature gray, so the background and coat color are gray to represent that. The last uniform redesign that the airline had was back in 2010, when employees sported a knee-length gray dress and a red striped scarf.

We certainly are impressed, as these ladies look like they could be high fashion models instead of flight attendants.

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