Any couple in the public eye has to deal with a constant barrage of criticism, scrutiny, and judgment. For William and Kate, it is only augmented given their royal status. Every glance, gesture, and word is heavily processed through the media and paparazzi, so it’s a given fact that when there’s unrest within the royal family, someone is sure to sniff it out.

With that being said, there has been more than one occasion when there was palpable discontent between the Duke and Duchess. While they still seem to be going strong, there’s no doubt they had a few marital disputes over some of these incidents…

Skiing Shenanigans

When Prince William decided to show off on a recent boys-only ski trip, it didn’t go over so well with his wife. Upon entering a club, and probably with the help of some liquid courage, he proceeded to dance somewhat questionably with a couple of ladies there. There’s a good chance when he got home he spent a few nights on the couch for those antics.

Flirty Kate

On a royal trip two years ago, Kate was accused by many of flirting with Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie when he tightened the strap on her helmet and took her for a race in his boat. William was seated in the boat just next to her and people were shocked that she could be so bold in front of him. Granted, it could have been nothing, but they still had tongues wagging over their close encounter.

Where’s Will?

In a recent speech, Kate shared her struggle with motherhood and how it’s made her feel lonely and isolated in the past. Postpartum depression is more of a common thing than people are willing to admit, but it still makes you wonder if William is supporting his wife and children in the way that he should. He may be the future king, but his family should always come first.

Royal Duties

A source close to the royal family allegedly reported the queen’s apparent unhappiness with William and Kate, calling them “lazy” and lax in their royal duties. Despite the fact that they’re raising two kids (with a third on the way) in addition to completing all of their expected royal duties, the new parents have chosen to be more involved in their children’s lives than some royals have in the past. Having fewer nannies around than usual is more than likely going to be taking a toll on the couple’s royal schedule.

Marriage is incredibly hard in general for commoners such as us, so we don’t envy the constant strain and pressure the royal couple has to endure. Here’s hoping that despite any road bumps they may come across in their marriage, it only makes their relationship even stronger.

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