When you go out to dinner with either your partner or your friends, do you become overwhelmed just a tad when the server asks you for your drink order?

Sure, you know you will be indulging in a crisp Pinot Grigio, but when it comes time for your food order are you nervous you aren’t eating the correct food that complements it?

Do you look around at what everyone else is ordering then go with the status quo or do you just flat-out ask the waiter what wine goes with what meal?

Instead of basing your wine on your food order, why not base your food on your wine selection? Drinks come before the meal, so it makes sense, right?

We’ve compiled a list of the┬ábest foods to pair with your favorite wines so you’ll never be nervous at a restaurant ever again!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold, oaky wine with dark fruit flavors like blackberries and is one of those wines that truly gets better with age. Pair it with a dark, red meat like beef stew, duck, pot roast or a tender steak. Mushrooms also go well with a Cabernet.


Syrah is also bold wine, but with more earthy and spicy undertones and like Cabernet, pairs well with meat like lamb, sausage, and grilled meats. Unlike the Cab, heavy spices are welcomed, even BBQ sauce complements a Syrah.


Zinfandel is a light-bodied red wine, with primary flavors of jam, blueberry, black pepper, cherry, plum, boysenberry, cranberry, and licorice. Zinfandel explodes with candied fruitiness followed by spice and often a tobacco-like smoky finish or even a hint of chocolate. It pairs great with ribs, burgers, and even pizza. It’s a fun flavored wine, so pair it with a fun meal.

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