We all fell in love with the antics of Kelso on That ’70s Show, and we all have enjoyed watching Kutcher in other rom-coms as well. However, Ashton Kutcher’s main achievements are not in the area of acting. The 39-year-old has become a massive influencer on social media, and he has become a major venture capitalist as well. So far, he has thrown his weight and money behind Skype, Uber, and Airbnb, among other less well-known companies.

In 2014, Kutcher co-founded A Plus, a company dedicated to spreading positive journalism. The company’s goal is to effect positive change in journalism by spreading a style of storytelling that emphasizes the positive aspects of humanity.
However, the investment and issue that has Kutcher’s heart is human trafficking. Once Ashton realized that 70 percent of child sex traffic occurs online, he realized that this was an area where he could make a big difference. In response to the problem, he created Thorn. This initiative used technology and data analysis to combat trafficking in cyberspace. Kutcher used his connections with Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, and Pinterest to establish alliances and generate support for his project.

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