You never know what you’re going to see when you’re just out and about in a place like Harvard University. Sandly Alteon-Senat got the surprise of her life when she was taking her sons, her niece, and her nephew on a tour of the facility. She turned around and to her surprise, Barack and Michelle Obama were moving Malia into her dorm room.

“We walked right by Malia, my mouth just dropped and I froze,” says Sandly, who shot a video of the Obamas leaving the dorm and getting in their motorcade to drive away. Barack Obama looked just like a regular parent taking his kid to school. That is except for the secret service agents surrounding him at all times.

Are You Going To Help Malia?

barack obama

It looked kind of typical to me. The parents are doing all the heavy lifting while the daughter is meeting new friends and getting out of all the work. After all, she does have a lot on her plate.

She’s a full-time college student now while Dad is retired at 54 years old. The least he can do is pick up a box and help her get in her dorm. Geez!

Isn’t that something though? Barack Obama is nowhere near the end of his accomplishments. But he has already been in and out of office before she even started day one in college. If you let that sink in a bit, most parents are still struggling while sending their kids through school.

She Can Pull Off Fitting In Though

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She’s got it made throughout life. Nothing she does will ever be normal. Put it this way, she’s starting college and already has two impressive internships under her belt. In 2015, she worked with Lena Dunham on Girls. She followed that up with a huge internship with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

All of the students at Harvard have impressive backgrounds. But I’d like to see anyone who can match Malia’s.

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