It’s always great to be that guy at the party. You know all the tricks and you have the solution for anything. No bottle opener? No problem. No corkscrew? No problem again.

It’s good to have all the answers. Sometimes, a party can go bad quickly. Most of the time when that happens, it’s because there was more planning that went into it. The more planning, the more moving parts and something is bound to go wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law.

When A Party Goes Wild

The best parties are the ones that are thrown together at the last minute. A guy orders a pizza after just coming back from a beer run. He calls some friends to bring their own beer. BOOM! The whole world shows up and the coffee table gets broken. Now, that’s a party.

That’s when you have to know the party hacks. There is going to be the guy who shows up with bottles that don’t twist. Someone might bring champagne and open it, then let it sit all night to get flat because there is whiskey and beer flowing. You have to know what to do when these things happen. There is perfectly good alcohol in those bottles. Make sure you know how to get it out!

Party Hacks The Don’t Work

Party Hacks

There are party hacks that don’t work though. Toilet paper rolls don’t make great phone speakers. Fizzy cola bottles won’t give you a better hot tub experience. Girls won’t get confused and fall for you just because you are giving them backhanded comments. These things don’t work. Never have and never will.

So, get to learn some real party hacks that are going to get you through your life. No one will ever call you a loser. They’ll look forward to seeing you show up because they will know that you’re the man with the plan.

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