Looking into the past…

There are plenty of reasons that explain the NPA’s desire to improve their security and push higher measures of safety in Taiwan. On July 8, 2016, almost a year ago, police arrested a man who set off explosives at the Songshan railway station in Taipei. By some miracle, no one died in the attack, but 25 passengers were injured by the homemade bomb.

The photograph above was taken shortly after the explosion. The bomber, Lin Ying-chang, was seen depositing a bag in the train cabin. Police later found items related to the explosive in the cabin’s toilet.

Now, sometimes the terror isn’t even on Taiwan turf. After the March 2016 Brussels bombing, in which 32 civilians were killed, the NPA drastically increased the security within the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

The demolished Brussels airport in Belgium is pictured above. Officials working for the NPA felt unhinged and distressed after the attack, even though it was all the way across Asia and Europe. The airport intensified its screening measures to make sure there were no dangerous objects in travelers’ luggage. All luggage was checked and sniffed briefly by a K-9 dog on the conveyer belt. One day, the new litter welcomed this June will be a part of such an important safety protocol.

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