Britney Spears did the unthinkable. She took the time to get on Instagram and show her fans what she looks like without makeup. That’s not a common Hollywood practice.

Of course, you’d be surprised what you’d find if you visited Hollywood for real. It’s almost like the real-life city of Oz. The television and the movies make it look like a magical place with all the bells and whistles.

Britney Spears At The Gym: P.S. This Is Not The Infamous Photo Without Makeup

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But when you get to Hollywood, you find out that something just isn’t right. Pull back curtain number one and you find a sweaty guy on a stationary bike peddling his heart out to keep the lights on. You walk around Hollywood Tower to find that it’s just a faux facade held up by two-by-fours, and it’s only 20 feet tall, by the way. It’s the pictures that make it look so big.

That’s Hollywood, folks! You’re going to love the tour. That’s why celebrities don’t show you who they really are. They spend hours on makeup and wear all the greatest designers across the earth so that they can put on a good show just for you. When all that comes off and the clothes go away, the worst realization takes place. They are just regular people like you and me. Your whole childhood was a lie.

Britney Spears On A Normal Day

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But Britney Spears is actually different. The funny thing about it is that most celebrities in Hollywood actually do look great without all the glitz and glamour. They just won’t take that chance. Some critics can be real catty about the details and that’s what bothers them the most.

So when Britney Spears decided to show off her face without makeup, she broke every rule of Hollywood. But when you’re the boss, you can do that!

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