These cheap little gems are items you have to pick up and throw in your cart the next time you’re at Trader Joe’s. They are simple enough, but with some added ingredients can make for a quick and filling dinner in a pinch.

Organic Vegetarian Chili ($2)

Chili is a quick, easy meal to heat up on those nights you’re just too exhausted and stressed from work to think about anything. They’re also delightful on a cold or rainy night when you’re snuggled up in your pajamas. Throw some sour cream and cheddar cheese into the chili and scoop with Fritos.

Frozen Organic Brown Rice ($4)

With only a three-minute cook time in the microwave, this rice is on our list for one big reason: convenience! It also tastes almost the same as freshly steamed rice, but about a tenth of the cost. Serve with a frozen salmon filet, also found at TJ.

Mediterranean Hummus ($4)

Out of all of the hummus options at TJ, this one is the best. If you typically get bored quickly with hummus, just throw on some Frank’s Hot Sauce or pine nuts to give it more flair. Eat with baked tortilla chips or spread over a piece of pita bread.

Steamed Lentils ($3)

Throw these lentils in a bowl and add corn, cilantro, tomatoes, and finely chopped red onion. You can throw in some cumin, or just drizzle some sugar and apple cider vinegar on it for some extra flavor.

Organic Creamy Tomato Soup ($3)

This soup is thick and filling, yet healthy. Throw some brown rice or steamed peas and mixed vegetables into it for a more hearty meal. Mix together and voila. 

Dutch Smoked Cheese ($3)

Imported from the Netherlands, this cheese has incredible flavor. Slice it up over some Triscuits or roll it up with deli turkey meat.

Corn and Chili Tomato-Less Salsa ($3)

Throw this on a small grilled chicken breast! Do it. Do it now.

Fresh Goat Cheese Medallions ($4)

Add these medallions to a spring salad with balsamic vinegar for a healthy, light dinner.

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