This story is a real-life fairytale of a New Jersey couple who lost their engagement ring and found it in a crack in the street nine years later.

In 2006, Justin and Margaret Mussel got married, and Margaret wore a 1.1 karat princess-cut engagement ring on a white gold band. They flew to Italy for their honeymoon. “Earlier that day, we had visited Pompeii and it was extremely hot,” Justin told USA Today. “My wife’s ring was loose, but she didn’t realize it was gone until later. She took a nap after, and woke up and realized she didn’t have it on.” She had lost her engagement ring. “I felt terrible,” Margaret told ABC News.

The ring was covered under renter’s insurance, but since it was lost on international land, the Mussels could not file a claim. After a few years, Justin bought his wife a new ring and they tried to forget about what happened. Nine years later, they took another trip to Italy, for a family vacation.

The couple took their two kids with them, and stayed at the same home they had rented out on their very first trip to Italy. There, Justin noticed something shiny in a crack in the pavement. “I kept saying to Margaret, ‘Do you see that?’ I see this glimmer coming out of the sidewalk,” Justin told ABC News. He grabbed a screwdriver and began digging into the crack. After a few minutes, he took out a ring. Margaret’s first engagement ring.

Once he raced up and showed Margaret, she put it on, and hasn’t taken it off since. “The band is a little scuffed up, but not too bad,” she told USA Today. “The diamond looks good. If you saw it, you wouldn’t think it had been in a crack for nine years.” What a remarkable, happy accident for this couple.

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