2017 brought about some crazy trends but the most jaw-dropping had to be Instagram brows. It seemed like every month, makeup artists crafted a new way to jazz up their eyebrows. Despite the variety between the brows, they all had one thing in common: No one knew exactly where it was appropriate to wear them.


The Boxed Brow

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Hopefully, someone called up rapper Bow Wow and told him that slits in the eyebrow were cool again. The nostalgic brow art made its brief comeback in the beginning of the year. Of course, throwback Hip Hop is never a bad way to get inspiration for a new look.


The Lighting Bolt Brow

This electrifying trend was introduced to Instagram in September. The bold look and sharp edges gave aspiring MUAs everywhere a reason to play in their Anastasia of Beverly Hills dipbrow.


The Wavy Brow

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Surf’s up? Not sure anyone ever figured out what outfit to put with these waxy brows, but might we suggest a Ms. Frizzle costume?


The Feathered Brow

Haven’t trimmed your brows in months? Well, you might as well turn up Nelly Furtado’s song “I’m Like A Bird” and have some fun with it. Funny enough, the creator of this trend made it as a joke. She was shocked that people actually took it seriously and used the trend.


The Rainbow Brow

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Let’s all agree to leave Roy G. Biv-ing your brows in 2017. Color up your lid, not your brow. Hard to deny that amazing blend job though.


The Braided Brow

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When your brows are comparable to Rapunzel, why not? This look is Photoshopped, so rest easy. No brows were harmed in the making of this trend.


The Crown Brow

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If the crown fits, wear it — right? There’s no doubt that this trend was far from royal but does sort of look cool. Anyone care to send this to Queen Elizabeth so she can wear it to the next royal wedding?


The Block Brow

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This is exactly what happens when you overfill and you’re committed to clean lines.


The Split Brow

This halved brow was the biggest no-go of 2017. Ladies, remember: Cut crease, not cut brow.


The Nike Brow

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How about we just don’t do it? Even Michael Jordan would agree that this is not a slam dunk.

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