Let’s paint a quick picture, shall we?

You’re a stay-at-home mom raising a two-year-old son, and your husband is at work, having already left for the day before you got out of bed. Your day begins when you are awoken to the sounds of your toddler screaming. From there, your morning progresses in the following manner:

Make toddler breakfast.
Convince toddler to eat said breakfast.
Play some games.
Do some coloring.
Collect and put away all the crayons to avoid finding scribbles on the walls or windowsills in an hour.
Diffuse a tantrum brought on by putting the crayons away.
Bribe toddler with a snack.
Sneak upstairs to get dressed.
Pick up a few toys.
Unload the dishwasher.
Diffuse a tantrum about a sock falling off.
Get some reading done.
Pick up more toys.
Sneak in some squats and crunches by acting as a tunnel for toddler to crawl through.
Play more games.
Spend 10 minutes looking for one little truck because even though toddler has a dozen other trucks, toddler can’t handle not having that specific truck.
Find the truck.
Resist ripping out your hair when toddler plays with said truck for a solid two minutes and then abandons it for other toys.
Plan the lunch for toddler while looking forward to naptime after lunch for a blessed hour of silence.
Look at the clock–

And it’s only 10:15.

If this is anywhere close to your typical routine, then you probably know that 24 hours can often feel like 4,500 hours as a mom of a toddler. When your routine starts to feel like it’s weighing you and your kid(s) down and you’re exhausted with your daily life, it can help to mix things up a little. We’ve put together a quick list of some creative new activities to help you get through your long day in fun ways.

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