Our lives are extremely busy as is but when you’re a mom, the day-to-day tasks, responsibilities, and errands seem neverending.

Not every family can afford to employ a nanny, a housekeeper, a laundress, a tutor, and a personal chef so it usually falls on mom.

As rewarding as it is to raise your sweet little ones, it can also be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating. Why can’t moms get an extra four hours in a day the minute they give birth? Truth be told, even if that was possible, somehow women would just wind up with more things to accomplish.

Luckily, women are extraordinary innovators and have come up with some time-saving shortcuts to keep themselves and their family organized and sane!

Take a look at 15 of the most wonderful mom hacks you will find:

Cinnamon In The Sandbox Keeps The Bugs Away

Sprinkle an entire package of cinnamon into the sandbox to keep bugs from crawling on your child. Bugs hate cinnamon!

Use Dental Floss To Cut A Cake

If you want perfectly clean slices of cheesecake, mousse, or other soft cakes, use dental floss to cut through evenly. It is also helpful if you are taking the cake to a gathering as you can just toss the used floss aside without having to lug around a dirty knife.

Use A Bottle Nipple As A Medicine Dispenser

Women have been doing this for decades and there are even some medicine dispensers that come as a faux bottle. Save yourself a few bucks and use a standard nipple to give your little one their medicine.

Use A Cupcake Liner As A Popsicle Drip Catcher

Save yourself the headache of sticky hands and melted popsicle all over your floors and furniture by sticking the stick through a cupcake liner before handing it off to your child.

Turn A Hanging Shoe Rack Into A Cleaning Supply Organizer

Shoe organizers are being used more and more for organizing everything except shoes these days. Not only can you store your cleaning supplies neatly and effectively in them, but you can also use the same trick for crafts, toys, and school supplies.

Sounds great so far, right? Flip to Page 2 for more mommy hacks!