Rebecca Burger was a fitness blogger and a model with many fans throughout her Instagram and Facebook. She had a lot going for her and she was only 33 years old. It’s tragic that her life came to an end so suddenly on Saturday.

It was a freak accident that has claimed lives in the past. The fitness blogger was using a device that attaches to whipped cream cans. Hers accidentally exploded and struck her in the chest. She suffered cardiac arrest, but firefighters were able to revive her in her home.

Then sadly, she passed away the next day in the hospital. Her family posted on her Instagram to spread awareness about the whipped cream device.

“Here is an example of a siphon that exploded and crashed into Rebecca’s chest, causing her death. The siphon which caused her death was sealed. Don’t use this product in your homes! Tens of thousands of the faulty devices are already in circulation.”

The Whipped Cream Canister

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The company Ard’time says that they have recalled the device for whipped cream cans. They first heard of an accident in 2013 and recalled their product back then. Despite that, there are still many whipped cream canisters people use every day.

She Will Be Missed By Family And Fans Alike

Rebecca Burger had built her brand by keeping herself fit. She liked traveling and keeping up with fashion trends, which she loved blogging about on her website Rebecca Likes. It was her interesting posts that brought the fans to her site.

Gone Way Too Soon

But it was her photo shoots and selfies that brought followers to Instagram. She wasn’t just a fitness blogger, she lived the lifestyle. She was a model for Women’s Best who posted a heartfelt status update saying goodbye to their girl: “We are sorry to announce the sad news of losing this beautiful soul. Our French athlete Rebecca Burger (@RebeccaBlikes) passed away.”

It’s heartbreaking to think that at one moment you can be enjoying your life and the next, you’re actually fighting for it. It makes you want to enjoy each moment even if you’ve made your whole life about making the most of it.

R.I.P. Rebecca Burger

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