Not every amazing photograph you see in 2017 is the work of a talented graphic designer – both professional and amateur – who is really savvy with Photoshop.

Not every photograph.

Of course, you’ve seen those poorly Photoshopped fake-out pics on Instagram or Facebook and you know automatically that so-and-so’s waist is not that thin. On the flip side, you’ve also seen beautiful, candid shots of nature that you know just have to be altered, even when they’re not.

In between the two is the magical art of true photography. This is when talented photos use their imagination and whatever they have lying around to capture the perfect shot.

Check out the amazing photos below and the tricks used to create the finished product.

Mysterious Light

It’s amazing what the outcome of light and a long exposure can do. You can do effect this with your smartphone camera by downloading a photography app with a long exposure setting.

Totally Submerged

This is a perfect example of using Photoshop to create beautiful, mesmerizing photos.


Sometimes, the answer is so simple, it blows you away just as much as the photo itself! This is one of those times.

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