This may just be the cutest marriage proposal ever—at least at a zoo.

When Nick Kelble took his girlfriend, Hayley Roll, to the Cincinnati Zoo to visit Fiona the Hippo, the surprise he had in mind was nothing compared to what he got.

Roll and Kelble took a trip to the zoo to visit Fiona the Hippo. Fiona squeezed her way into America’s heart as everyone watched her grow. After being born six weeks premature and weighing 60 pounds underweight, Fiona’s story was highly documented. Needless to say, the hippo is no stranger to camera time.

During the visit, Roll wanted a photo with the plump baby hippo and so she passed her phone over to a stranger to snap the shot. Just as soon as she could get photo ready, Kelble was down on one knee ready to pop the big question. The real joy came after the couple reviewed the photos only to discover Fiona had sashayed into the shot.

“We’re so happy Fiona could be there on our special day,” Roll said.

Everyone needs that best friend to stand in the background gleaming with pride —and a few neck rolls. Fiona looks happy to have been able to stand in.

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