Kids ask the craziest requests from their parents and while it’s hard to believe what just came out of their mouths, one mom’s viral post is reminding parents everywhere that life is too short to say “no” all the time.

Last summer, 10-year-old Nevaeh asked her mother, Rachel Carpenter, for pink hair. Carpenter objected but just days later Nevaeh was at camp when a fire demonstration caught the girl on fire. Over 70 percent of Nevaeh’s body was burnt.

For three months Nevaeh went through surgery after surgery while her family sat not knowing whether the little girl would live. After an extensive recovery period Nevaeh asked her mother if she could dye her hair pink and this time the answer was different.

“Life is way too short to say NO all of the time,” Carpenter wrote. “That experience taught me you never know how much time you have left, with anyone. So say yes more often.”

“Life is so unexpected, tomorrow is not promised,” Carpenter explains to Scary Mommy. “Pick your battles and enjoy your children and let them live a little. You don’t have to justify your parenting choices to anyone, as long as you have a happy healthy child.”

Nevaeh and Rachel Carpenter are the perfect example about how easy it is to say “no” but how many memories can happen when we say “yes.”

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