Finally tying the knot, Anishkah Smith walked down the aisle to meet Carlos Boozer at the altar. They’ve been together for a long time and it was about time they made it official. They did it in style and it was a day to remember.

Carlos Boozer is a star from the NBA who used to play on the Cavaliers, the Bulls, the Jazz, and the Lakers. He won the bronze in the Olympics on Team USA in 2004 and then he won the gold in 2008. He is a two-time NBA All-Star. He ended his NBA career in 2015 and now plays in China.

Carlos Boozer And His Match Made In Heaven

His bride Anishkah Smith went on to post on Instagram about their wedding day: “So much love surrounding us because ppl genuinely dig who we are as ppl. Ppl who accept you for who you are and not your past. Ppl who want to see you win and add more light to your life. That feeling is reciprocated to everyone who loves these two ppl, whom have had such an off and on love story but always knew they were each other’s soul mates.”

The Huge Family That Attended

She went on to post, “I married the love of my life and we shared this moment with both our families and friends. Thank you all for being apart of our journey, and thank you for knowing our story, the truth, and still riding for us. We all just love love.”

Carlos Boozer And Anishkah Smith Dancing

They were married in Miami Beach in a wedding fit for a queen and king. It’s easy to see that Anishkah was very happy with her wedding ceremony from her Instagram post that said “Surrounded by epic confidence. All of the women in my life are spiritual, creative, beautiful and free. We show up for life like we mean It, and we push through our insecurities and fears like goddesses.”

Anishkah Smith And Her Bridesmaids

Her inspirational post goes on to say, “We don’t compare ourselves to others, we don’t tear other women down, and we all live through our hearts and not our egos because the becoming doesn’t stop.”

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