Celebrating a birthday is awesome any time you get to do it. But being the daughter of a famous country singer and getting to celebrate your birthday on stage with him is even more awesome. The thing is that for Allie Colleen Brooks, the daughter of Garth Brooks, the surprises were far from over.

Of course, I’m pretty sure she knew that on her 21st birthday, she was going to be celebrating it at her father’s live concert at the Los Angeles Forum. She walked out on stage and sang a few songs with her father. The crowd got a huge surprise that night as well.

Proud Parents Of Allie Colleen Brooks

Allie Colleen Brooks

Then, Garth led the crowd in “Happy Birthday” to his daughter. Now, that’s a birthday a child will never forget. Could you imagine having pictures and videos of that to remember for the rest of your life? That’s a birthday. Allie Colleen already had the night of her life. But it was far from over.

In true old-fashioned style, her boyfriend got down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Jonathan Roberts and Allie Colleen Brooks have been together for a while. Long enough for Jonathan to pop the question. The look on Allie’s face says it all.

She’s About To Be In Full-Blown Tears

Allie Colleen Brooks

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall when Jonathan sat down with Garth and asked if he would give his permission? That would be a conversation to remember and as traditional of a proposal as it was, you know Jonathan did just that. But that’s about as traditional as it was going to get.

Backstage at her father’s concert, her boyfriend is popping the question while her father sings “She’s Every Woman” in the background. Talk about tears in your eyes. Oh, and Allie was crying too!

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