It’s a madhouse in the scenes behind the runway. Girls have to change. Clothes are flying all over the place. That’s what brought on the latest Gigi Hadid wardrobe malfunction.

But when you’re in the industry, they’re going to happen quite a lot. When you’re Gigi Hadid, it seems to happen to her more than others. The thing is, she knows how to handle them. Like the wardrobe malfunction she suffered when she walked out onto the runaway in this neat little outfit.

Before A Most Infamous Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe Malfunction

Of course, this is not the wardrobe malfunction where a breast fell out of her gown. But it was talked about just as much because it was Gigi Hadid. Anything she does is going to get some airtime.

This particular wardrobe malfunction was a simple tying flaw. Of course, there are strings everywhere on this outfit. I don’t blame anyone for missing one. I’ve seen models get lost in a shirt let alone a complex piece like this.

The String In The Middle Flapping In The Wind

Wardrobe Malfunction

Who knows? With a getup like this, that one string could unravel the whole suit. But Gigi Hadid pulled this off like a champ. She knows how to just laugh things off or totally ignore them as they’re happening. She’s a pro at work and she’s amazing to watch whether things go wrong or not.

This latest wardrobe malfunction is a little bit different though. Nothing went wrong on the runway. It was what happened backstage that puts this one in the headlines. It appears someone thought it would be a great idea for her to leave the backstage area without a shoe.

She has two feet. Most people do. But this fashion statement leaves one foot out. Who needs both shoes? That’s so cliché. The fashion industry has done the two-shoe thing and they are so over it.

Gigi Hadid: “Who Cares About A Shoe”

Wardrobe Malfunction

This is called a wardrobe malfunction. Tell all the homeless people. It will boost their confidence that it’s not about poverty or getting hand-me-downs from people who discarded their shoes. If they only have one shoe, their wardrobe malfunction is now a fashion statement. Now, they feel better yes?

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