One theme that is receiving mixed reviews is the rugged theme called gorpcore. You can have a lifestyle that doesn’t take you outdoors much and still look like you do. It’s everyone’s dream come true.

This look caught on back in the 1800s when cowboys roamed the land and many people were masters of their own ranch or farm. They had neutral color clothing that made them blend with the earth and their clothes took a beating. They were even frayed on the edges and had holes in various places.

Gorpcore Is A Versatile Look With Many Outside Directions


That fashion look has come full circle in the trends of today. But that’s not the only direction gorpcore is taking. Think of a girl in her nightgown, and all of a sudden she has to run outside to make a phone call. Of course, she would grab her huge fluffy coat so that she could weather the rain and snow. See the genius?

Gorpcore is all about the outside look. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the camping look. Although it looks great when you have a water bottle hanging from the strap of your backpack and hiking boots that double as sandals. The look has been done. It’s a fashion designer’s secret weapon.

This Is Ralph Lauren’s Nephew Giving Gorpcore A Try


No, it’s not just the camping look. As long as it’s an outside look like a guy going snorkeling or a college student heading to class in the jungle. He can wear bright sunscreen on his face, roll the gnat net up over his head, and look like a jockey taking a vacation with a Hawaiian shirt. Of course, that look hasn’t really been tried. But it’s inevitable. With gorpcore, someone will throw it together.

If you grew up thinking you were fashionably challenged, you can forget all that these days. Go back through all your fashion fails and start throwing them together. You have a good chance of starting a trend.

For Fashion Ideas, This Review Is Hilarious

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