One thoughtful family in California surprised their Grandma Dottie by recreating her 1950s prom look. When granddaughter Cassie was a little girl, her grandmother gave her mother, Debbie, the dress she wore in 1957 to her junior prom. It was a shin-length, cream-colored gown with vintage flair. Instead of using it for her daughter’s dress-up time, Debbie stowed the dress safely away in a closet for the next ten or so years.

As the night of Cassie’s high school graduation drew near, Grandma Dottie had asked over and over again to see the dress her granddaughter was planning to wear to prom. The family kept her in the dark, and claimed repeatedly that the dress was at “her friend’s house.” Little did Grandma Dottie know, the family was planning a memorable surprise.

The moment that Cassie walked out in the dress was incredibly special, and Cassie’s aunt caught the startled look on Grandma Dottie’s face in a short video. After all, it doesn’t take much to make our loved ones feel remembered and appreciated.

This is the sweet kind of personal touch that really shows someone how much you love them. 

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