No matter how amazing you think your relationship is, that honeymoon phases fizzles out in every single one. Going to the movies or cooking dinner together, things that once felt new and exciting, now feel stale and routine. It happens to everyone, and the important thing to remember is that this is totally normal. You also need to remember that the spark isn’t going to come back on its own. There are little habits you and your partner can practice every day to keep your relationship strong and to keep you both happy and content. Try to bear these tips in mind as you go through life with your partner, and before you know it you will have a loving, sustainable relationship.

Catching Zs Together

Going to sleep at the same time as your partner is part of a healthy bedtime routine. It is an intimate activity you two share together, after all of the teeth brushing and flossing has ended. There is something so special about those few moments snuggling in each other’s arms before you both pass out. It doesn’t matter if one of you has to get up earlier than the other, as long as you are making a point to both share your goodnights.

Find New Hobbies Together Or Make An Effort To Enjoy Theirs

Going on new adventures together or trying out a new activity can be a really great experience for a couple. You can learn how to bond and work together as a team in certain scenarios. You can also try doing something your partner enjoys, but maybe you don’t enjoy. It will show your partner your willingness to do something selfless for them, and who knows, you might actually find yourself enjoying it. Part of loving someone is compromise, so get on that fishing boat, girl!

Holding Hands

This is one of the simplest ways to show someone affection. It takes no words, no time, and minimal effort. You can do it almost anywhere, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. This little act of physical touch shows the world you’re still in love and going strong. It also reminds you of the attachment you have to your partner and rekindles that feeling of closeness.

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