For years, the “girl next door” has never really been defined. From Topanga on Boy Meets World to Taylor Swift in her “You Belong With Me” video, it’s an elusive title most women have never understood.

It can be confusing. Women are multi-faceted creatures and all have a little “girl next door” in them, so what’s with men’s fascination with that moniker?

It may be because the definition varies from man to man based on a bevy of likes, opinions, and experiences.

Luckily, one brave soul posted the question, “What makes a ‘girl next door?'” on Reddit and the answers are stereotypical at times, sad, hilarious, and hilariously sad.

Here’s just a sample of some of the responses:

Thanks, Captain Obvious

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Girl Next Door, you would know that Elisha Cuthbert proves most of these theories wrong. This user clearly hasn’t.

For Some, It Comes Down To Looks

“Cute” seems to be a recurring theme here…

While Others Say It’s All About The Personality

This sounds like another way to describe “cute.”

A Guy Questioning It All…

He seems very confused with the ideology behind all of the different variations of the term, and ya gotta love him for it.

No Woman Is “Invisible,” Pal

What even is this? This guy sounds like he spent way too much time thinking about this; You know, more than likely the time that he would have spent with an actual woman.

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