It’s ridiculous that in the world, there is so much abuse of animals. If they are pets, they deserve to be taken care of and treated right. If they are in the wild, they should be left alone to be wild.

Dugongs are family to the manatee and are listed as vulnerable to extinction. They should be protected instead of mistreated. But that’s not what a group of divers found when they headed off to the remote island of Kokoya.

The island of Kokoya is a part of Indonesia. It’s a great place to dive because of the clear water and the variety of creatures in the sea who call the place home. Most of them come and go as they like. But a mom and a baby dugong didn’t have that luxury.

The Mom Chained To The Cage


When the divers entered the water and started to look around, they found a disgusting site. The dugongs were locked in a cage. The mom was even chained to it. She could only move small distances and it was shocking beyond belief.

The divers immediately found out why they were locked in the cage. A local fisherman was charging people to view them like his own aquarium. The local fisherman had no compassion even though he put up a good front.

The Dugongs Finally Being Freed


The divers asked him to release the dugongs because they are vulnerable to extinction. Delon Lim was one of the divers in the group.

“When we left the island, the fisherman agreed to release them,” he said. “But since we were not so convinced he would, I posted the video to social media.”

That was a good call. Within only a few short hours, wildlife authorities contacted Lim to find out where he took the video. They investigated and found the dugongs still in their cage. Delon Lim can rest assured that because of him they are free now!

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