Some stories you hear can choke a person up and you can get dehydrated from all the tears that drop out of your eyes. This is one of them. So, get your napkins ready and grab a bottle of water for your own good. I’ll wait.

A family from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Cristina DiGioia Mastro and her husband Mike were at the beach with their kids in Cape Cod. There are seashells all over the beach and it’s virtually a sandbox of play toys for kids. But there was one seashell in particular that caught their eye.

Cape Cod When It’s Warm Enough To Hit the Beach


It was a seashell with a mysterious message on it. Of course, after reading it anyone with a heart can fill in the details to a certain extent. The message on the seashell reads, “Matt my beautiful boy, you are missed and loved always.” It’s dated 7-7-17 and signed Cape Cod, Mom.

Dating it in July of this year, either the boy passed away on that day or it was the day his mom wrote the message on the seashell. I can imagine a heartbroken mother trying to find closure for the loss of her son. She places the seashell in the ocean because that’s her way of connecting to something that is far greater than herself. It might be her way of trying to let go and move on.

Warning: Major Napkin Moment Coming Up


The seashell was found in good hands. Cristina simply took a picture of it and placed it back in the ocean after her kids had their chance to spend some time with the lonely seashell carrying an important message.

She wrote in the caption on Facebook, “Vince and Mia just found this shell on Corporation Beach on Cape Cod. Instant goosebumps. I wish this lady could know her son had fun on the beach w our kids today. Everyone SHARE this post. Maybe the mom will see it!!! (We did set it back out to sea. We knew this shells journey wasn’t over yet!)”

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