Amal Andari was out for a leisurely drive with a friend in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon one sunny afternoon this past July. They noticed a stray puppy wandering around, and pulled over to see if the dog had an identification tag. They were disgusted by what they saw.

The puppy had a gaping wound in its head, and appeared to be shot several times.

They knew they had to get the pup to see a vet for medical attention as quickly as possible. Once there, the X-rays revealed that the dog had suffered multiple pellet gun wounds. This most likely was the job of rowdy, misfit teenagers playing around.

The puppy was also infected with parvovirus, which is a highly contagious viral illness that manifests itself in two different forms: intestinal and cardiac. Sadly, shooting and poisoning homeless dogs for fun is a common occurrence in Lebanon.

The abused puppy, now named Bondok, who had been left blinded and suffering on the street to die, is now well on the mend. When the vets initially saw her, they told Andari there was only a 25% chance of her surviving her wounds.

You can reach out to Animals Lebanon to adopt Bondok or donate funds for her foster care.

She is healing and ready to find a loving home, to hopefully forget about her horrible attack and live a normal life.

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