There are various reasons why men marry certain women, but the one thing they (generally) all have in common is that they really like them. But do they actually love them? More than in the typical and eye-rolling “I love you” way? So many marriages fail today because men aren’t properly loving and caring for their wives, and the wives then offer little respect for their husband in return.

Men, if you’re married — or even if you’re still in the relationship phase — you need to truly love your wife above all else. While that includes the obvious stuff like your Xbox and that sweet Die Hard collection, that also extends to actual people in your life that might not even cross your mind.

The Kids

This may sound surprising, but your kids actually aren’t your highest priority. Too many marriages have ended because one spouse favored the child more than the other spouse. It’s vital that you be a caring father, but only so long as it doesn’t hinder your intimacy with your wife. A good husband balances both. 

Imaginary Women

The internet has conditioned men to dream of only the hottest women, but it’s very important to remember that those women are fake in more ways than one. Still, husbands unfortunately use that as a substitute for actual intimacy, even going so far as to create their own “ideal scenarios” and ideal women in their head. These imaginary women can warp your own perception of your wife and leave you feeling deflated in your relationship.

Another Woman    

This may seem obvious, but it’s all too easy to forget that childhood friends or even good female friends can get between you and your wife. If you accept an invitation for coffee with an old female friend from college, that’s allowing another woman to affect your marriage, even if “nothing happened.” This doesn’t mean you can’t have female friends, it just means you should be careful about how you spend time with them, as even the most harmless friendships can escalate into something more before you realize it.

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