If you’re a mom, you know all too well the overwhelming feeling that nothing ever gets done. Ever.

Somehow, when you give birth to your precious little one, you are also becoming a superhero. For the next 18 years (or more, depending) you will be responsible for making sure that you are not only raising a productive member of society but that you are also keeping the lives of your entire family and household together.

Sometimes, the former is easier than the latter.

All moms need some help now and again and that’s exactly why you’re here: to get some tips on getting all of your household tasks done when you have small children running about.

Weekends And Evenings

This one can also be called, “Utilize Dad,” because that’s exactly what it means. Save errands for the evenings and weekends (or whenever dad is off) so dad can handle the responsibility of the kids. All of the responsibility, even if it’s just for an hour. Make sure for that time the two of you decide will be “Dad Duty” time, that your children are aware that if they need a drink, a package opened, a pencil sharpened, help with getting their shoes on, a word pronunciation from a book they’re reading, etc. that they go to dad first!

Make A List

Some women have supercomputers in their heads that can keep track of everything (if you’re one of those lucky ladies, this advice might help you at some point too) from the daily to-do list to all appointments that are coming up. Unfortunately, most women are not a total supercomputer and need a little help keeping everything organized, so write a list. You can use one of those fancy planners, a notebook, an opened envelope, type it into your phone, whatever you have to do to keep a checklist of what needs to get done and what has already been accomplished. Don’t forget to keep it updated!

Slow And Steady Will Win The Race

No matter how independent your kids are, they occasionally still need mom to break up a fight or get them a snack or DVD they can’t reach. When you start a task, schedule in breaks every 15-20 minutes or do smaller tasks while you’re home alone with the kids and save the bigger stuff for “Dad Duty” time. You may only get through slicing some apples before it’s time to check on everyone, but you may also nip any upcoming uprise in the bud.

Feeding Time!

What is it about kids and food? One minute they refuse to eat anything and the next they are inhaling everything in sight. Ah, the confusion of parenthood. Try and schedule a chore for snack time, that way your kids are occupied enough that you can get something done. NOTE: this is not advice for toddlers, but school-aged children that are not in the choking risk stages! This is also a great time to get your kitchen chores completed like loading/unloading the dishwasher, refill the ice trays, clean out the fridge, and so on.

Toys, Games, Crafts

This cannot be stressed enough: keep a crafts box or idea envelope handy for times when they “can’t find anything to do,” but you need them busy. In a hall closet (so you know what they’re about to embark on) keep a box of arts and crafts supplies, Pipeworks, Legos, old food containers that lost their lids so the kids can go outside and dig with them. Try a separate container full of flour that they can mix with some canola oil and make “cloud dough.” Whatever you can find that is safe and will let their imagination go wild.

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