If you’re the parent of a child who gets nervous about heading to school, you need to invest in the “hug button.”

The first day of school can sometimes be tough for kids. New teachers, new peers, new activities, and new schedules are enough to stress any child. If you want to see a distraught parent, show them their nervous child. One mom found a genius way to help rid kids of the negative emotions.

Louise Mallett’s youngest son was heading to his first full day at school and mom could sense something was wrong. After a morning chat with the young boy, Mallett came up with the “hug button,” which is actually not a button at all.

She drew a small heart on her hand and then one on her son’s hand and arm — a backup in case the hand heart rubbed off. The duo “charged” the hearts by holding hands before sending the 4-year-old off to class. The idea is that whenever the child needs a hug, they can receive one by pressing the heart.

When Mallett picked up her son from school after his first full day she asked if he’d gotten her hugs. Her youngest child replied, “I pressed it for a long time mummy but I didn’t cry.”

After sharing her trick on a Facebook page, parents throughout the UK began using the trick. Here’s to finding free ways to ease your child’s stresses.

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