When Ariana Grande threw a concert together to benefit the victims of the Manchester bombing that occurred at her concert just a few weeks ago, she brought the LOVE. One Love Manchester went down the other night without a hitch. Some of the biggest names in the music industry like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus were there to show their support.

The Black Eyed Peas started if off with the most appropriate song you could imagine: “Where Is The Love?” Ariana Grande sang along as that song rang throughout the crowd, setting the tone for the rest of the night. But one great thing that was seen by all was the dress Katy Perry wore.

Of course, every act was special. All songs were chosen to remind people how strong and resilient they can be in the face of terrorism. Don’t ever let the terrorists win even though they are causing bad things to happen in this world.

Victims Of The Bombing

The bombing claimed the lives of Megan Hurley – 15, Courtney Boyle – 18, and Philip Tron – 32, Wendy Fawell – 50, Officer Elaine McIver – 43, Sorrell Leczkowski – 14, Eilidh MacLeod – 14, Chloe Rutherford – 17, Liam Curry – 19, Michelle Kiss – 45, Jane Tweddle – 51, Nell Jones – 14, Angelika Klis – 40, Marcin Klis – 42, Martyn Hett – 19, Lisa Lees – 47, Alison Howe – 45, Kelly Brewster – 32, Olivia Campbell – 15, Saffie Rose Roussos – 8, John Atkinson – 26, Georgina Callander – 18.

The dress Katy Perry wore focused on that. She came out on stage to perform her inspirational hits “Roar” and “Part of Me.” But she was wearing a long furry coat over a white mini dress. When she dropped the coat, it revealed images of the victims. That’s an awesome tribute at such an awesome event.

Katy Perry Dominates The Stage And Makes A Statement

Ariana Grande and party were able to raise $12 million and counting as TMZ reports. That’s how effective LOVE can be in the face of terrorism. LOVE wins! It’s a special message the world needed to hear today!

Watch Katy Perry’s Set

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