Betrayal isn’t just cheating; it’s any broken promise.

Any type of betrayal can change how someone feels about their partner, whether it’s infidelity, lying, hiding things, or behaving in any inappropriate manner which leaves you asking, “Who is this person?”

When you find out the truth, the damage may be irreparable.

The fate of your relationship may actually be in the hands of the one who did the betraying: how did they respond once the truth was revealed? Were they open and honest about it? Did they show remorse? The answers to these questions will be the key to whether you leave or stay.



Sometimes, no matter how hard you wish it true, couples are just not compatible with each other.

You may not see it in the beginning because you’re blinded by beauty and excitement or because you are so attracted to certain aspects of your partner that you overlook the parts about them that are incompatible with your future plans, beliefs, habits, values, or lifestyle.

You have to decide if opposites attract or are these differences too much to deal with.

Expectations Are Falling Short


Many times when you begin a relationship, both of you have pretty high expectations of where it is ultimately heading or what you need out of your partner. You may even bend over backward to meet his/her needs at first. But over time, when those expectations aren’t met, you may be left feeling disappointed. If you’re not holding up your end of the bargain, your partner may be the one feeling down.

Do your best to be open and honest about your needs and if they aren’t being met and ask your partner to do the same.


When the two of you first got together, a little jealousy may have been flattering, but over time if it never stops it just becomes suffocating.

Truth be told, it’s likely bound to happen occasionally – and that’s fine! It becomes negative when it is so consistent it ruins the trust the two of you have. Never-ending jealousy creates issues that don’t exist, which in turn leads to fighting, low self-esteem, a sense of needing to change who you are for no real reason, and overall unhealthy behavior.

Be confident in who you are and why your partner loves you and urge them to try to feel the same. When the jealousy bug bites, ask yourself if this is a mountain or a molehill.

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