Some people just don’t get it. They want everyone to be the same as in to conform to society’s idea of who people should be. Hasn’t that notion been significantly shot down by now? The sad fact is that it hasn’t.

Kelly Roberts had a term for her body type. She called it “unconventionally skinny,” which means she was even proud of the way she looked. But then, her life took on some tough times.

She lost her brother to acute alcohol poisoning and in her grief, she added 75 pounds. When she decided to turn her life around, it wasn’t about body image. It was about being healthy.

She started running, which soon became racing and doing marathons. That’s about the time she started the #SportsBraSquad and she was making great strides in helping others to be proud of their bodies no matter what shape or size. She just wants people to be healthy and happy.

That’s when some killjoy came through and tried to take that away from her.

Kelly Roberts Running In Her Sports Bra

Kelly Roberts

Email: She blotted it out!
Subject: Dieting
Message: Hello,

I’m curious why you don’t simply have the discipline to go on a diet and lose the excess fat you have? You could look great in weeks with a proper ketogenic diet.

Instead, you rather literally run away from your problems and act like losing a family member is the harshest thing on earth and thereby grants you the right to pontificate to the rest of us about strength?

Help me out here, what am I missing about all this? Fatness is (when not genetic) a symptom of the excesses of modernized, industrialized society and not something to flaunt.

Her Response Was Right On Time

Kelly Roberts

“Dear man who found it appropriate to send me this email…
Once upon a time, your words would have cut me like Valyrian steel. Today? They remind me how important it is to change the way we see strength. Because what you call fat, I know can run a marathon in 3 hours in 41 minutes. I hope one day you can obtain the strength I’ve worked tirelessly for. Until then, know that I will spend the rest of my life empowering the women you hope to shame.”

She may not look the way the man criticizing her wants her to look. But she can run a marathon in less than four hours. That’s something to celebrate! Stop looking for the flaws and start celebrating the achievements in others.

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