Kristin Cavallari, our favorite bad girl from MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills, recently posted an Instagram to promote the “Lash Split Shaft Booties” from her shoe line with Chinese Laundry. She poses while wearing the booties, with a simple white shirt tucked into a black miniskirt. She leans on her arm, which appears strange from the angle of the photograph.

She had called the arm “crazy” because of the weird way it looked in the photograph. Like typical social media trolls, most people ignored the shoes completely and focused on Kristin’s comment about her arm, claiming she wasn’t being positive about her body image and instead chose to obsess over her arm looking fat. 

And like typical Kristin, she had something snarky to say back. No one talks that way to the fabulous Kristin!


Her light, yet defensive response shows that she has a sense of humor, and encourages the rest of the world to have one too. She has always been a powerful inspiration for young women and girls because of her confident, go-getter attitude towards life. She never fails to stick up for herself, as a wife, mother, and businesswoman. Above all, she certainly is proud of her body and never puts herself down. Nice try, trolls.

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