It has been a thing for a long time now when a mother finds an interesting way to announce the arrival of her new baby. It has been done in all kinds of ways. But Lauren Conrad was able to make it special in her own way.

She actually documented the entire pregnancy. She made the announcement back in January on her Instagram. That was news her fans were desperately waiting for and they shared it around the internet like it was a new Katy Perry single.

When Lauren Conrad Was First Pregnant

Lauren Conrad

Then, she made sure her fans know “It’s A Guy!” Some mothers don’t like knowing the sex of the baby until they’re born. But some people like to know so that they can start painting the room and buying the clothes.

Lauren Conrad obviously wanted to know and she wanted her fans to know. Of course, that announcement circulated the internet like the latest blunder in politics. Her fans are really in tune to her every move and when you’re a celebrity like Lauren, it’s good to keep them abreast of everything.

The Lauren Conrad Announcement That It’s A Boy

Lauren Conrad

But her announcement that she finally had the baby was the best one yet. She definitely put some thought into it because an announcement like that just doesn’t roll off the brain and give people the surprise they’ve been waiting for with the right kind of impact. You really have to bring your A-Game and Lauren found a way.

Besides being a television personality and an author, she’s a fashion designer. That means she has a creative side that her fans love about her. It’s that side that she tapped into to make her announcement in the world that she now had a new addition to the family.

Her family started out with her and her man, William Tell. Somewhere along the line came two dogs who filled a gap where something was missing. But there’s nothing missing now.

Lauren Conrad’s Special Announcement Her Baby Has Arrived

Lauren Conrad

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