Babies have interesting ways of expressing themselves. When they are hungry, they cry. When they are uncomfortable, they cry. When they are sleepy, they cry. Then, they fall asleep.

So, they have all these different emotions going on inside of them. But they haven’t figured out how to use their words yet. That’s why they have a hard time telling us things.

When Ashlyn Smiled

Babies do laugh though. It’s hard to tell if they have jokes going on in their heads. They just up and laugh at different things. You never know what it is they’re laughing at until you get a chance to ask them years later and there’s a very good chance they won’t remember.

One funny thing is when gas builds up in their system from the formula they just ate and a little stinker comes rolling out of their bottom. It’s funny because it feels funny. It tickles. That’s one reason a baby laughs. Witnessed that one myself and it took me a second to realize why the baby was laughing until the smell hit me.

It’s Too Much Cuteness In One Video

But little Allie is a 9-year-old who loves to sing to her little sister Ashlyn. This one just might catch you in your feels. Because when she started singing to her sister, a special connection took place. The 7-month-old started smiling.

There Aren’t Enough Napkins For The Whole Squad

You know that would get you too. A little baby who can’t even understand words, doesn’t know where the potty is, has no idea how to feed herself, and all of a sudden she smiles as she listens to her sister sing? It’s too cute for words.

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