Some people don’t understand how serious monster hunting can get. It’s not just about watching Monsters, Inc. and thinking you know everything. Just ask the Men in Black guys. They’ll tell you it’s serious business.

Sidney Fahrenbruch is a 4-year-old and she knew that. She was also pretty sure that monsters were living in her new house that she had just moved into in Longmont, Colorado. She just knew something wasn’t right.

“Well, cause I heard sounds when people weren’t up,” she explained.

Officer Fahrenbruch Ready To Go Monster Hunting

Monster Hunting

Now, that’s a lock solid case. But what do you do when you have monsters in your house in Colorado? They don’t have a Monsterbusters for monsters. No, but Sidney did the next best thing.

After bumping into Officer David Bonday of the Longmont Police Department, Sidney gave him a rundown of the suspicious activity and what she thought it could possibly be. Officer Bonday sprung right into action. He visited Sidney’s house and the two of them searched it from top to bottom.

Officer Bonday To Assist

Monster Hunting

Megan Fahrenbruch thought about that. “It’s just amazing the confidence he’s given her. We’re truly grateful to live in a town where the police officer will pay a kid any attention.” That is a good thing about Longmont and there are other officers throughout our country that would do the same thing. They just aren’t given as many headlines.

The thing is that Officer Bonday is not fully trained to go monster hunting. But he was ready to assist Sidney who actually was not afraid to go first. She’s a good little trooper and one day she wants to be a police officer herself so that she can help others go monster hunting.

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