Who isn’t a fan of Betsey Johnson? She’s quirky and colorful. She can put a smile on your face with her charismatic presence and her infamous cartwheel. That’s why Betsey Johnson fans are going to flip out when they hear the news.

She has listed her villa in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, on Airbnb! That’s right, you can stay in BetseyVilla for about $600 a night. That’s not bad when you think of whose house it is and all the amenities that you get.

She has thought of everything. First, her over the top design is all over the place. It’s in every room. You can’t escape it. But who would want to in the first place? That’s why you’re there, to experience Betsey Johnson. So, experience her.

Enjoy An Outside Sitting Area

She makes it easy with the various pictures of herself throughout the home. You won’t forget where you are because you are reminded of it in just about every room. But that’s just scratching the surface.

You have access to your own private beach. The home also has a pool. So, spend a day at the beach and then another one at the pool. Who has to decide? Do it all!

If you want, you can work out in the gym just in case you think you’re going to get out of shape in the few days you are indulged at BetseyVilla. Stay for a few days and enjoy every minute of it.

Swim In The Clear Blue Water Of The Pool

Then on your way out, make sure you grab some souvenirs. Betsey Johnson thought of everything. Of course she did. That’s what she does. You can have a mug or a towel. She has bags and T-shirts that you can buy. But you have to get them there.

She might make them available online. But don’t quote me on that. She might be using the souvenirs as an incentive to get your butt to Zihuatanejo, Mexico. So, you just might want to do that. Save your money and book your trip. She’ll leave the light on for you!

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