This past February, Luke Bryan’s infant niece, Sadie Brett, passed away from several health issues at only seven months old. Bryan expressed his gratitude to his fans for respecting his family and showing love by saying, “I’ll tell you what, when I’m checking my socials and see so many of you guys… that are kind of lifting my family up, I really appreciate it. It means the world to me.”

In recent months, Bryan’s wife, Caroline, decided to take over one of her husband’s unused barns and renovate it. She wanted to name it “Brett’s Barn” and have it serve as a tribute to the little girl.

On Instagram, Caroline told the world about her idea:

“Dear Brett….when your sweet Mama told me of the challenges you might face in life, I was floored when her first words were “I can’t handle the thought of someone making fun of her.” She never said, “Why me? Why us?” Nothing. Her words were all about you. Protecting you. Loving you with a love that only a Mother knows. Sweet Angel, you changed so many stubborn hearts that most thought were unbreakable. The first time we saw your smile was beyond amazing. You instantly became one of the greatest blessings to the the entire Boyer/Wells/Bryan family. So….to get to my point of the picture….when you were about a month old, I promised you a white pony! I found you one…..along with some other adorable mini animals! Your mom and I hijacked one of your Uncle Luke’s barns and started having a little fun with it (thank you sweetie @lukebryan)! We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s coming together! “Brett’s Barn” is officially in the works. This is all for you Queen Bee. We love you to the moon and back. #brightforbrett #brettsbarn.”

The barn is now inhabited, so far, by an abandoned goat named Goober Goldsby, a few other goats, donkeys, a pig, and miniature horses.

“Hello friends!!” Meet Goober Goldsby (GG)….our first sweetie to join Brett’s Barn. For some reason, GG was abandoned shortly after birth. Luckily, our dear friend @aquatroyg rescued this sweet baby and bottle fed him until he was strong enough to join our family. GG enjoys running in circles, climbing, stealing kisses, stealing cat food, and annoying the other animals! Occasionally, he escapes the barn and runs straight to our house for a visit. GG thinks it’s funny to destroy my landscaping, watch the kids swim, make himself at home on the furniture, and he LOVES my brother!! Oh how we love this silly goat! ♥️🐐#brettsbarn #brightforbrett.”

Caroline had always promised Sadie a white pony, and now she has one in her barn. We know little Sadie is looking down on the Bryan family, and all of their hard work, feeling thankful that they want to show her how much they loved her.

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