Fans of The Big Bang Theory went through emotional ups and downs waiting patiently for Halley Wolowitz to come on board. They watched as Bernadette announced her pregnancy and then grew like a watermelon until her water broke. Then, they watched as the rest of the cast came to the hospital to celebrate this special occasion.

But they were upset after the baby was born. There hasn’t been one moment in the show when Halley Wolowitz has even been shown. It has been a unique ride from the very beginning as the cast of The Big Bang Theory gathered at the collection room where they store newborn babies. Only nurses know what that room is technically called!

No Halley Wolowitz At The Hospital

Halley Wolowitz

But no baby! The baby has been in several scenes and yet, the fans have yet to lay eyes on her. They are strategically keeping her actual being out of the picture on purpose. You might think it’s cruel and unusual punishment. But when you hear the real reason why, your heart melts a little bit.

Carol Ann Susi was the voice of Halley’s grandmother Debbie Wolowitz. Carol was battling cancer until her death in November 2014. From that time on, there would be no voice of Debbie Wolowitz except for the strange coincidence that can be heard in Bernadette’s voice from time to time.

No Halley Wolowitz In Any Scene

Halley Wolowitz

The thing was that Ms. Wolowitz was never actually seen in the show either. It was only her voice and that is the tribute the show is making to Carol Ann Susi.

“She is a loving tribute to her grandmother — this is a nice way for us to keep her alive. It also means we don’t have to have a baby on the set, so it solved lots of problems,” showrunner Steven Molaro said.

So, they get their cake and they get to eat it too! They get to have a baby on the show without actually having a baby on the show. And what a way to give tribute to someone who played such a strong role in the show without actually playing a strong role in the show!

Get Ready To Tear Up Down Memory Lane

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