Recently, Mark Zuckerberg celebrated his five-year wedding anniversary, so of course he had to share it on Facebook. He told the story of his wedding, and how he and Priscilla got married on the day after Facebook’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) went live. Needless to say, it was a hectic time for the newlyweds, and they did start to take a trip. However, their plans were cut short when the IPO had a bit of a rocky start.

Mark ended up leaving the honeymoon early and heading back to Facebook headquarters to help his team. However, he promised his new bride that they would have a honeymoon every year to celebrate their marriage.

Since that time, not only has he kept his promise, but the two have traveled all over the world. Sometimes they travel for business, but many times it’s just to explore and enjoy each other’s company. The Zuckerbergs are trying to visit all 50 states on top of their global travels. Not only does this make a great experience for the couple, but it also helps Mark to release some of the stress that comes with his job.

On this past trip, the Facebook founder took his wife to the Northeast, where they visited small communities and helped some of them to rebuild after a local paper mill had closed. He was impressed with the community’s desire to bounce back by bringing other industries into the area.


Here are some pictures from the most recent trip:

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