Share Your True Thoughts and Feelings

Being honest with your partner about how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking will keep intimacy, trust, and a solid connection flowing abundantly in your relationship. Don’t make your partner guess what you’re feeling – they’re not a mind reader – as it could lead to frustration in both of you.

Make Your Marriage a Priority

As time moves forward, you will inevitably be dragged in a million different directions. Finances, work, kids, hobbies, etc. will all take up a chunk of your time, but it’s important to prioritize your marriage ahead of all of it.

You may feel guilty about leaving the kids with a sitter at first, but it demonstrates a healthy and loving relationship that they will take with them as they experience life.

Get Rid of Your Exit Strategies

In order for your marriage to work, you need to remove the slightest suggestion of divorce or separation. If either of you (or both) are contemplating exit strategies, the marriage is bound to be doomed.

As Willis says, “ … [M]arriage can only work when there’s a lifelong commitment … The strength of your commitment will determine the strength of your marriage.”

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