Sometimes we look at a celebrity and think that their lives are so perfect; that they have it all.

Until six months ago, most people looked at Michael Buble and assumed those exact thoughts.

Not only is the Canadian crooner devastatingly handsome, he is incredibly talented with several awards under his belt including four Grammys. His concerts sell out around the globe and his Christmas specials are becoming must-see TV.

Buble Now Has Six TV Specials On His Resume


If that wasn’t enough, Buble’s wife Luisana Lopilato is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and quite talented herself. She began acting as a child in her native Argentina before becoming a model.

The two met in 2008 while filming the music video for Buble’s hit “Haven’t Met You Yet” and within seconds, you can instantly see their chemistry.

You Could See Them Falling In Love

Later that year, Buble and Lopilato became engaged and were married two years later in Buenos Aires.

In August 2013, Lopilato gave birth to the couple’s first son, Noah. Two and a half years later, they welcomed another son, Elias into their family.

The Buble’s really did look like the epitome of perfection, health, and happiness. They were often photographed smiling, doting over their adorable sons. It seemed like they were living the most perfect life imaginable…

Noah, Michael, And Luisana Are Picture-Perfect

…Until their world came crashing down with every parent’s worst fear.

The Buble’s released a statement via their Facebook pages last November that would have the whole world praying for the loving couple and devoted parents.

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