Korey and Kyle Soderman were born identical twins. But there was something different about them. Korey has cerebral palsy. Actually, he was born with it.

Get ready to grab your tissues. I don’t care if you’re the hardest thug on the streets or you recently had tear duct removal surgery, you are going to cry. If you’ve had your tear ducts removed, your head will find something for you to cry with.

This set of twins has a special bond. Kyle could have lived his own life and checked in on Korey’s progress from time to time. But that wasn’t in his character. He made sure he included Korey in everything.

The Twins When They Were Young


There were times when Korey would strap his twin to his body so they could enjoy events together. He took him swimming and everything. He carried him in his arms if that’s what he had to do. That’s the brotherly love they shared.

In fact, Kyle got a special tattoo for his brother. It’s after the song by The Hollies called “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.” The video begins with that story, why he got the tattoo, and what it means to him.

The Twins At Kyle’s Wedding


And the feelings are mutual. When Kyle met someone and planned to marry, Korey started putting something together that was very special for the occasion. He didn’t let the fact that he can’t speak stop him from giving his brother a message.

That’s the thing though, Kyle had to read the message to himself. Only, the message was on a huge teleprompter and he had to read it into a microphone for everyone in the room to hear. There are plenty of laughs. But get ready for the tears. You won’t make it the first minute without needing a tissue.

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